The Politics and Regulation of Investment Screening Mechanisms (PRISM)

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Welcome to the Politics and Regulation of Investment Screening Mechanisms (PRISM), a research project led by Sarah Bauerle Danzman and Sophie Meunier on the evolution, features, and implications of investment screening measures in advanced industrialized democracies. 


2023.10.02 ISM Roundup

Volkswagen Subsidiary Reports BMWK Review of Gas Turbine Sale
BMWK Announces Plan to Change Germany’s ISM Framework 
China’s Cybersecurity Agency Proposes Laxer Data Regulations
Second Annual CFIUS Conference Suggests Upcoming ISM Changes

2023.09.25 ISM Roundup

Spain Reviews Proposed $2.25 Billion Saudi Stake in Telecom Firm
Proposed New Education Firm Reports Ongoing CFIUS Review 
~$100M Communications Platform Firm Merger Reports CFIUS Clearance

2023.09.18 ISM Roundup

CFIUS Review Expected for Potential Public Offering of Firm Contracted to TSA 
CFIUS Review Expected for $14B Acquisition of Natural Gas Providers
CFIUS Clears $625M Real Estate Sale to Danish Wind Power Firm


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