The Politics and Regulation of Investment Screening Mechanisms (PRISM)

Piraeus Container Terminal Entrance

Welcome to the Politics and Regulation of Investment Screening Mechanisms (PRISM), a research project led by Sarah Bauerle Danzman and Sophie Meunier on the evolution, features, and implications of investment screening measures in advanced industrialized democracies. 


2024.04.29 ISM Roundup

~$965M USD Logistics Merger Parties Announce NSI Clearance 
$145M USD Merger Parties Announce CFIUS and NSI Approvals as Conditions to Closing 
GAO Delivers Mitigation Enforcement Recommendations to CFIUS

2024.04.21 ISM Roundup

China Orders Apple to Remove Four Apps on National Security Concerns 
U.S. Commerce Department Reduces 80% of Export Requirements for the UK and Australia 
Second Senator Opposes $1.9B USD Military Supplier Deal  

2024.04.15 ISM Roundup

U.S. Treasury Proposes Regulatory Update to CFIUS Procedures 
Australia Increases Foreign Investment Fees
$1.11B USD Lithium Merger Parties Report FIRB Review Extension
New Zealand Discusses Changing Real Estate Authority
Media Reports That Indian Government Clears ~$244M USD Port Purchase 


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